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Dating and Sex Tips for Gay and Bisexual Men for the First Time Meeting

Create a Good Profile A good profile goes along way. No one is perfect, not you or your date. A good profile helps to establish trust for both partners. Use a good photo. If you don't want to show your face, your body type buff, bear or twink are all visible and can save time and energy for both of you. You or your potential date are not a last resort.

Bring Condoms Just in case it gets a little hot and heavy bring your condoms for protection. It may only be a one night stand at least your covered.

Meet in a Public Place Meeting in a public place offers some protection ie. coffee shop, movie theater. It can also guarantee a quick escape if it's not "quite right".

Tips for Bisexual Men Be honest. Many bisexual men are closet cases. Ok. To be honest about that is much better than saying "I'm looking for a committed relationship" when, in fact, you have a girlfriend or wife at home and aren't changing anytime soon. Gay man are often attracted to straight acting bisexual for their swag.

These are some dating and sex tips for that first time meeting with your hot date. There may be many but you will be prepared for the best experience. You can also find a wealth of dating and sex tips in the Outpersonals Magazine section.

Meet Hot Gay and Bisexual Men for Dating and Sex and Get Dating and Sex Tips at Outpersonals

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Gay First Time Sex Story

My friend John and I used to play poker at this club every Friday and later would go back to his place and smoke a joint and watch some porno. One night it ended differently. Relaxing, my legs spread wide from being high, I felt his hands rubbing my crotch. He was aware I noticed and he said he was curious about sucking a cock and wanted to try with me. I was stirred up by this time and said "sure".

He unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock. His mouth felt cool as it slid up and down my shaft. And then he grabbed my balls and squeezed them. I was coming in little bits . I felt flush from his blowjob. He was stroking himself at the same time. Next thing we were sixty-nining. One of his fingers rubbed my asshole then he stuck it in. I loved it and got in rhthym with his mouth and finger. Faster and faster I fucked his mouth till I blasted my load down his throat. At the same time,his cock got harder and harder and he came shooting his load down my throat. We were both still hard and horny.

His mouth rimmed my asshole. It felt so good. Then one finger, then two. Suddenly , I could feel his hard cock ram inside my asshole. Slowly at first he slid in and out. Then faster and faster. I came again as he fucked my ass and I heard his gasp of breath and he said I'm cumming and he blew his load in my ass. Since then we had a nice thing going on till he got his masters and a job across country.

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