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I watched Ivan soap up his massive chest, his hairy arms, the water cascading down the muscle of his back. He dropped a soapy hand to his cock and scrubbed away the sweat of another heavy workout, and I couldn't help watching. A guy Ivan's size, he's got to have a monster cock or it'll just look small compared to the rest of him. But Ivan's not in any trouble there. His cock is just as huge as the rest!

He catches me admiring him, and invites me into the locker room shower. I don't have to be asked twice! He pulls me right in, no fucking around. His hand is on my crotch, groping, and my hands, both of them, go to his enormous tool.

I'm hard as steel, he's harder, his hot and soapy flesh slipping through my fingers. I'm not even afraid, anymore, that someone might walk in. I jerk him, tight fingers over slick skin, feel his breath come harder, faster, as he kisses me ruthlessly.

I suck water from his beautiful lips, run a hand over his close-shorn head, pulling him in, and he pushes me against the tile wall with a dull thud, his body crushing against mine, his cock lying alongside my own. He's bigger than me all over. It's a terrific turn-on.

He shuts the water off, turns me around, pushes me right against the wall. He makes me get myself ready, fingering my own ass, pulling it open for him. I'm past embarrassment or shame. I just want him in me.

He obliges. I can't resist him. His cock shoves against my ass, then slides in halfway, and I cry out. He just flings a hard, hairy arm around me, shoves it further in until I feel ready to split. When he starts fucking, the pleasure is so intense I am afraid my knees will give, but he's there, holding me up.

I stroke myself, but his hand takes over for me. I just brace myself against the wall and take it, both of us moaning, our wet bodies smacking together. It doesn't take long. I come all over his hand and he leaves sticky smears on my hips as he shoves into me brutally.

When he comes, he does it in my mouth, wrenching me around, jerking it as I kneel before him like a petitioner before some glorious Greek god. His come floods my mouth and I swallow gratefully.

He pulls me up with one hand, grinning and ready for more. . . .read sex stories at

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