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We stripped our clothes off and he rubbed full-length against me, his lean, dark body pressed against mine. My cock was hard as nails, and pressed against his. He jerked us both in one hand, tempting lips held close to mine. His kiss was smoldering. My cock felt huge, aching, hard.

I rolled over, pushed him down underneath me, and worked my cock into his ass as he held his legs up for me. His tight ass squeezed around my cock, and I kept a fist around his dick so I could feel it throb and twitch as I pumped into him. I love jerking a stiff dick.

I fucked him, then pulled out and dropped to suck his cock, stood up to fuck him again. I was driving him nuts. Myself, too. Half the time I was buried to the nuts in his ass, half the time I had that magnificent, huge cock in my mouth. He was writhing on the bed, digging up handfuls of the sheets, and begging me alternately not to stop fucking him and not to take my mouth off his cock.

Finally, he shot a sticky load all over my hands, that wonderful dick of his jumping and spurting in my fists, spraying jizz all over his belly. I rubbed it in, then pumped away at his ass until I was going to cum. He slid down and was sucking me when I came. ....
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