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After a hard game, we always get together and party. There are hangeroners everywhere, groupies always trying to fuck basketball players. This night started out like the others but ended up different. Two chicks came back to the hotel from club. Me and Todd thought we were going to have a hot fucking night. The girls arrived, a little tipsy from booze. We were totally high on weed and booze. This changed when one of them took off her coat. She went to put it on the chair and we could see through her white pants, she was clearly having her period. We asked them both to leave. I'm what a spoiler. Sometimes, people get so excited, the forget themselves.

So we ended up watching some tv. Todd asked me to give him a massage. It's nothing new we have a team masseuse after each game. We skipped out tonight for our "celebration". I started massaging his sore muscles. Strangely, I felt my cock harden as I covered his back, neck and legs with my hand. He turned over and could see my cock through my shorts. He grabbed and said "what the fuck". He then slipped my shorts off and pulled me to his mouth. I fucked his face. His mouth felt so good better than any woman I'd ever been with. I spread his legs and went down on him. Licking everywhere from his balls to his asshole. I stuck my finger in then my cock.

He got on his knees and grabbed each of the bedposts with his hands. Panting, I was fucking his tight hole. His cock was still hard as I fucked him. Faster and faster, one hand on his hip, the other hand jerked his cock. Deeper and deeper I went till I heard him scream "I'm cumming". I blew my load deep in his ass. It was the most satisfying sex either of us had in long time.

After that one night, we had to take it easy. We would still bring girls up after games but send them away so we could get it on without worrying about. After seven seasons together, we both retired and spend all our time with each other living together.

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Oceandriver2 said

I was courious when i first signed up on the op site. My intrest was stong enough i became a gold member and put some pictures on my profile. Soon i was talking to a few guy and a mf couple. My plans at first seem to keep bomming out. Then finally in one week i met four of the guys i had been talking to. Through out personals not only have learned im not courious but just straight out bisexual. I have now experianced what i have always wondered. That is to have a man take me analy. I have found i love giving oral and receiveing anal all because of out personals. I am so glad i joined. Also my wife is comming along good knowing i want men. Thanks again OP.

ossam said

I travel regularly and recently had a trip to DC. Through the chat room, I met a guy and we eventually started emailing one another. WE met while I was in DC and in it turned out to be a true friendship that i expect to continue for years. I will confess that I forgot briefly of the OP rule in the chat room of not giving personal info, like other email addresses or phone numbers. That is for our protection, you know. Therefore, I was banned from the chat rooms for 24 hours to remind me. I hope that I will remember the next time. Had I not met Eric in the chat room and then emailed for a while, I would not have had the opportunity of having such a great new and exciting friend. Thanks OP.
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