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Jason Derulo Too Hot to Handle Photo Shows Dick Print

5 December, 2019 (19:40) | Uncategorized | By: admin

Banned by instagram, the photo is too hot to handle. It’s Jason Derulo as he gets out of the pool. It doesn’t show a whole lot. But it was banned by instagram as violating nudity guidelines. Here is the photo, you be the judge.

Zeb Atlas Hot Bisexual Pornstar Who Performs with Many Gay Men

5 December, 2019 (02:04) | big cock, big dick, bisexual, gay | By: admin

At his peak Zeb Atlas earned tens of thousands for a porn video. He is totally legendary in the business for appealling to gay men and straight women. The gay porn world primarily supported him but he made many straight videos as well. His prime time in the porn world was 2005 to maybe 2015. Today he’s still busy in Las Vegas running a restaurant. And I suppose as an escort but this can’t be verified. There is a chance you could actually meet this gay bisexual star for fun and pleasure if it is true.

Bisexual Zeb Atlas with Gay Men
The video below is his first with Jake Cruise who gives him a massage and blowjob.

From Jake Cruise
Muscle worship doesn’t get any better than this. Super stud Zeb Atlas poses first, then lies down on my massage table, and I have the pleasure of stroking each and every muscle on his amazing body. Of course, I make time for eating his glorious ass hole, and once he’s turned over on his back, I pay special attention to his love muscle (my favorite muscle of all!) After Zeb’s intense cum shot, he hits the shower, giving us all one last opportunity to view his one-of-a-kind bod in all its wet, shining glory.

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A bit over two years ago, I made a HUGE splash as I serviced and massaged the huge muscles of Zeb Atlas. I had a great time working with Zeb and I always wanted to find another project to do with him.… Read the rest

Gay Bisexual Cuckold Laps Cum from Shane Diesel’s Nut

4 December, 2019 (23:43) | bbc, big cock, big dick, bisexual, fat dick, gay, huge cock, hung, mmf threeway sex, monster cock | By: admin

The cuckold is a term for guy who watches his wife or girlfriend have sex. Is the sexuality of the cuckold gay or bisexual. Certainly, if he is use to having sex with his wife, he might want to join a threeway, this would make him bisexual. And what about the other guy? Is he bisexual or gay as well. It certainly is a possibility but a question that can’t be answered in a few minutes long video like these.

meet gay bisexual mens cuckold series

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blonde gay cuckold man

From Cuckold Sessions:
We get a lot of e-mails from cucks all over the world wanting to partake in a session for the site. Recently, we had an issue with a cuck calling himself “Osiris”. He’s sent many, many e-mails requesting a session with our Number 1 Bull, Shane Diesel. We didn’t think he was serious, and we called him out on it. Osiris replied with sending Mr. Diesel a check, which promptly bounced. You’d think such a loser would go away…but not Osiris. He came to our studios with cash in hand to make up for his grievous mistake. Shane responded kindly with a session for Osiris with none other than European Superstar Amirah Adara. You’re gonna love this one

shane diesel cuckold amirah adara
gay bisexual cuckold eating cum

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Bisexuals Mark Brown and Peter Skala have Gay Threeway with Jessica Blue

4 December, 2019 (21:17) | bisexual, gay | By: admin

Mark Brown, Peter Skala and Jessica Blue are asleep. Petr wakes up and licks their toes. Now that’s one way to wake up. Soon Petr is sucking Mark’s cock while Jessica sucks Petr’s prick. Mark fucks Jessica while she continues sucking Petr. Petr wants his turn on Mark’s raw cock and he mounts him bareback. Jessica sucks Petr as Mark plows him from underneath. Jessica then mounts Petr in a hot train fuck. Seriously, they get into so many positions I could write a book. Let’s just say they have a lot of fun, and some of it includes a dildo. In the end Mark pulls out of Petr’s ass in time to splash his ass with his spunk. He pushes his cock back in seeding him. Petr lays back and gets sucked by Jessica, then strokes until he busts his nut into her mouth.

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Bisexual Husband Confesses He has Gay Man for a Boyfriend to Wife

4 December, 2019 (20:32) | bisexual, gay, Uncategorized | By: admin

My Husbands boyfriend
Husband fucking boyfriend and wife

Ever wonder who keeps texting your partner late at night when all of his focus should be on you?  In the case of Charles O’Riley, a married bisexual man who’s hotness level soars off the charts, those messages set off a chain of events you won’t soon forget.  Charles confides to his sweet wife Allison that he has a boyfriend, the very sexy Mike Martinez.  When Mike drops by, our very modern threesome get down and dirty, with the men getting their big, thick cocks sucked while they make out and size up the situation. Addison decides that Charles isn’t getting off THAT easy and after subjecting him to a tickle torture, she decides that her husband the top is about to find out what it feels like to bottom. Without spoiling all the surprises in store for you, let’s just cock + ass + pussy = an erotic equation that leads to our bisexual husband and wife BOTH getting fucked and sucked with the cum load multiplied by two.

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Gay Jake Cruise Meets Bisexual Criss Strokes in Hot Oral Encounter

4 December, 2019 (19:48) | big cock, big dick, bisexual, gay | By: admin

Criss Strokes is the legendary pornstar now. But back in the early days he did some gay porn with Jake Cruise. He still does mmf threeways. But this is one of his hot oral encounters with the legendary Jake Cruise. I call this when gay Jake Cruise meets bisexual Criss Strokes in hot oral encounter.

From Jake Cruise
Criss first shot 3 scenes for my straight porn for gay men site, When I saw that monster cock, I knew I had to get my hands and mouth around it some day. It took a few months, but finally I got Criss right where I wanted him: deep inside my mouth.
Criss is very nice and we had a lot of fun. At first I didn’t know what to do with that mammoth piece of meat. Do I put it over my shoulder and burp it? Do I rub it until a genie pops out? But my instincts soon took over and I had ten inches of hard cock sliding down my throat. I have to admit I’m very proud to have deep-throated the incredible Mr. Strokes several times. I guess practice makes perfect.

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Barrett Long – Hot Bisexual Pornstar – Who Starred in Many Gay Porn Videos

3 December, 2019 (05:38) | big cock, big dick, bigmilitarycock, monster cock | By: admin

In the early 2000s, Barrett Long appeared on the scene. He started with Dirk Yates and XXX Amateur Hour and became a star at Falcon Studios too. Dirk Yates features military porn and I’m not sure if was in the armed forces it would be suggestive that he was. Anyways, he’s packing cock like 11 inches and he’s tall at 6’3″, really a dream. He starred in mostly gay movies but appeared as Steve Turbo in straight movies. Classify him as bisexual, but the gay movies he made with gay men are the ones that made him famous. What is he in private? Who cares! It was hours of great fun checking out his monster cock. In the clips below, you’ll see what made this bisexual man a dream come true.

barrett long 11 inch cock

barrett long 11 inch cock

barrett long 11 inch cock
barrett long 11 inch cock

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Gay and Bisexual Brazilian Men Have Sex in Jacuzzi in MMf

3 December, 2019 (04:01) | big cock, bisexual, mmf threeway sex | By: admin

Gay and Bisexual Brazilian Men Have Sex in Jacuzzi in MMf with brunette girl

Gay and Bisexual Brazillian Men Fucking One Girl

3 December, 2019 (03:56) | big dick, bisexual, mmf threeway sex | By: admin

Gay and Bisexual Brazillian Men Fucking One Girl

Monstercocks October 30

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